Crizal Kids UV

Crizal Kids UV

Protect your kids’ vision and their eyes with Crizal Kids UV™ No-Glare lenses.

Features superior smudge-resistant technology that makes the lens super easy to clean and helps it stay that way longer.  Uses no-glare technology that reduces glare from fluorescent lights, whiteboards and computer screens to prevent tired eyes and headaches.  Features scratch- and impact-resistant, so your child’s lenses will last longer.  Made with safe, durable and impact-resistant Airwear® polycarbonate lens material.
Provides the most complete daily UV protection, with an eye-sun protection factor (E-SPF®) of 25. This means your child’s eyes are 25 times more protected than without any lens 80% of a child’s learning occurs through the eyes. However, on a daily basis, kids’ lenses encounter everything including fingerprints, scratches and harsh glare all which can make it harder for them to see, to keep their glasses clean,and can cause tired, strained eyes. And most importantly, can distract your child while learning at school.  Everyday things that can cause distracting glare and reflections:

Classroom whiteboards
Smart phones
Fluorescent lighting

Kids are tough on their lenses, and they tend to scratch and smudge their lenses more. And let’s not forget, some kids are also more active and sometimes accident-prone. So we created a “kid-proof lens” made just for kids! Crizal Kids UV

What’s polycarbonate? Polycarbonate is NASA’s material of choice for astronaut visors and helmets. Tough enough for NASA and safe enough for your little ones!

Kids need ultraviolet (UV) protection every day, rain or shine. As parents, you know to protect your kid’s skin from ultraviolet radiation, but did you know that UV radiation can damage their eyes as well, and that in fact, kids’ eyes are at a greater risk to UV damage? This is because their eyes are not fully developed yet and therefore they absorb more UV radiation, as well as they tend to spend more time outdoors than adults.

What can you do to help protect them? UV damage to your eyes is cumulative and often irreversible! Therefore, when it comes to protecting your kids’ eye health, the earlier you protect, the better. You can help protect their eyes against cumulative and often irreversible UV damage when your child wears Crizal Kids UV no-glare lenses. They provide the clearest and safest vision, and have the most complete daily UV protection, with an eye-sun protection factor (E-SPF®) of 25. This means their eyes are 25 times more protected than without any lens.

So whether while in the classroom learning, outside playing, or just being a kid, Crizal Kids UV no-glare lenses provide the clearest, safest vision possible.

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