Can’t Grow New Eyes—Prioritizing Vision Care

With the on-set of Smart-phones, HDTV, 3DTV and the likes, our eyes are constantly adjusting to new and sometimes dangerously vision obstacles. The small print on your phone causes your eyes to accommodate a lot more than you normally would bringing reading correction more often than not. Getting a comprehensive eye exam is not about just getting a prescription but allowing another health professional check if you have High blood pressure issues or other non directly related illnesses.

If you don’t wear glasses still get a comprehensive eye exam. 99% of all vision care insurance plans cover the exam so there is no payment from you; in other words it is FREE.

Our community has to protect our eyes. The following are some things you can be aware of if you do wear glasses:

1) Always wear Polarized sunglasses

2) Get Anti-Reflective Coating

3) Stay away from CR-39 Plastic lens– get polycarbonate or higher index lens

Always make your glasses matched your visual environment–you have a Iphone or android phone, HD TV, High resolution PC monitor; Put the best lens in front of your eyes…

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