A new business wants to do all that it can to maximize income,  so people ask how and why do we give free single vision polycarbonated lens to children under 14 years old. Why? Well, in these financially difficult times, a monetary saving of $125 to $195 eases the financial burden for families.

As a parent, I understand the cost for children lens,  and as a business man I want to be profitable in my business as well as “giving back to the community”.  Therefore, when a parent purchases a children frame (maximum cost $89) they get the lens free.

It is a Win-Win business arrangement.  Families benefit (monetary savings for parents and improved vision for the child). Our business benefits through increased traffic and potential new customers. We are unique because there is no Full-Service Vision care center in the Long Island, New York area (Baldwin, Hempstead) that gives these premium lens – free to children.

Come check out our children frame selection. You will be surprised and pleased—guaranteed.

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